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My name is Michelle Haine. I am 30 years old, and am a registered teacher and a registered mental health nurse.

For the past year I have tutored a range of students from Preschool, to year 6. I support these students 1:1 working on a variety of skills from English, to Maths and Sciences. I have worked with students on school readiness, on NAPLAN support, on preparation for tests, and on general topics. Some students require support to complete the year level's basic criteria to pass, and other students are excelling and need to be introduced to more difficult concepts. 

Tutoring has become my passion, and something that I find very rewarding; working 1:1 with students, or in small sibling groups, and seeing students improving with their school work and confidence levels. 

It is this job satisfaction that has led me to develop my own tutoring business.

While tutoring, I will continue to work relief work in schools. This is of benefit to the students that I tutor, because I will be actively teaching topics that they need support in learning. I will continue to improve my practice as a teacher through attending regular professional development sessions.


For the past 10 years I have worked as a Registered Mental Health Nurse. I believe that many of the skills that I have developed throughout my career in mental health can be transferred to working as a teacher. I have worked my way up from a Level 1 nurse to a senior Level 2 nurse, with periods of time in both clinical and operational management (Level 3 positions). I have developed skills to be both a good team leader and a good team member. These skills include clear and concise communication skills; mutual respect with my colleagues; being open and honest; efficient time management skills; and being consistent with what I provide and what I expect from others. I have also developed strong skills around working autonomously. These skills include being confident in my capabilities; knowing what is expected of me and working up to those expectations; efficient organisational skills; showing flexibility with my approach to others and the set task; self-discipline; and the ability to multi task.

While working in mental health I have learnt that there is a reason for behaviours, that both social and economic backgrounds can impact behaviour. A holistic approach is required when looking at an individual and how best we can support them on their journey to wellness. I believe that this approach is also important in teaching. There can be many different reasons that a child is struggling at school and it is important to look at the bigger picture. This is of benefit when I am working with children who may be struggling with their school work due to behavioural difficulties, whether there be a formal diagnosis or not, there are things we can put in place to support each child. I am passionate about child development - mental, physical, and emotional. 


1:1 Tutoring
This is useful for children who require extra support. The session can be from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. 
Family Tutoring
This service is useful if more then one sibling requires tutoring. This can occur with all children sitting in a session at one time, or for sessions to run concurrently. 
Group Tutoring
This service is useful if there are 3 or more children in the same year level who require tutoring support. 

Michelle Haine

Ph - 0451 052 070

Email - Michelles_tutoring_services@yahoo.com





Teaching Philosophy

I believe that today’s students are our world’s future, and, as a teacher, I hope to shape independent, bright minded and driven children.

I hope to instil a love of learning in students, sharing my passion for knowledge and growth.

I hope to challenge students on a daily basis and watch them grow to their full potential.

I believe that students should have freedom that allows for expression, inquisitiveness and creativity.

I believe that students should be supported in finding answers to their questions. This stretches their knowledge and teaches them different ways to research and obtain information.

I believe that when it comes to behaviour management, the use of preventative and supportive strategies have a greater impact than relying on corrective measures. I believe that all students should be aware of what is expected of them both within the classroom and within the school environment, and be aware of any consequences when rules are not followed. I believe that it is important to not label students as “good” or “bad”, as often children conform to the labels that they are given.

I believe that students who feel safe and supported are more likely to open up and focus on study, because their base psychological needs are being fulfilled.

I believe, as the teacher, it is important that I spend time developing relationships with the children that I teach and tutor. By fostering this teacher/student relationship, I will be able to push them further with their limits, as they will feel supported. 

I believe that students must develop a capacity for self-direction, self-monitoring, self-soothing and a self-generation of ideas. A student is more likely to learn and retain knowledge if they have an interest in the topic. However, it is my role as a teacher to broaden their minds to the topics and knowledge that is out there to learn. 

I believe that critical thinking and problem solving are essential lifelong skills that need to be developed in childhood.

I believe that a child’s psychological and emotional health and growth is paramount. I believe in teaching emotions and feelings as life experiences rather than “good” or “bad”, and in fostering resilient behaviour and healthy coping mechanisms. I believe in the use of mindfulness exercises to settle and centre children.

I hope to be the teacher who students think back and remember as being the teacher who sparked change, ignited the drive for knowledge and believed in them.


I encourage a regular booking/time slot. For best results, I recommend a regular weekly booking, however, I can also facilitate regular fortnightly bookings. Regular time slots facilitate continuity for children, and the ability to follow up school and home work. 

I have regular availability most weeknights, and weekends. For younger children I recommend an earlier time slot, either 4-5pm during the week, or mornings on a weekend. 

During school holidays there is the option to stop and allow a study break, however, I can also facilitate sessions during holidays, including capacity for extra sessions. During school holidays I have capacity to do sessions during the day. 

The first session allows me to work with your child to find out where they are at with their schooling, and how much they can be challenged during our sessions. It also allows me opportunity to talk with you about what you would like your child to achieve through tutoring. 

To book a session, please contact me via email or phone (listed below). Once you have booked the first session, I will send you a form to be completed regarding goals and expectations from tutoring. 

I look forward to working with you and your child/ren. 

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